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    Yixing city fangyuan pigment co., LTD specialized in inorganic pigment,PEWood plastic particles as wellEPDMColor particle production and sales,Welcome to inquire the product information and quotation!Yixing city fangyuan pigment co., LTD is a professional color with chemical products joint-stock enterprises,Mainly engaged in printing ink、The paint coating、Ceramic cement、Rubber plastic and other industries coloring pigment、Color research manufacture and development。 Company sales in order to their own production of inorganic pigment、PEWood plastic particles、EPDMColor particles、Iron oxide pigments、Phthalocyanine series pigments, etc,At the same time also sells ultramarine blue、Carbon black、Titanium pigment and so on the many kinds of inorganic pigment as well as pretty、Solid yellow、Solid orange and so on the many kinds of organic pigments。 The company has a modern generation of test equipment,A group has a reinforcement learning professional quality the excellent technical personnel and a strong sense of responsibility,Especially for all kinds of inorganic pigment、Organic pigments and white pigment targets for different purpose,According to your special requirements,Provides the high quality of color matching...

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    Natural inorganic pigment is more popular with the environmental protection enthusiasts than organic pigments2019-09-19

    We are in the art gallery,Always see the master painter painting masterpieces,These great paintings are made by various colorful pigment daub on painting。Pigment according to the nature of the points can be divided into organic pigments and inorganic pigments...

    Due to the chemical material of magnetic powder in the color also is not the same2019-09-12

    In the 1990 s,In the electronic products have not like now so prevalent,At that time people fashion with the type of tape,It can be loaded in the sound image or other signal,Young people like to at that time。The magnetic powder is magnetic...

    Wood plastic floor is a style of color can make personal exclusive style2019-09-05

    A lot of friend home floor is wood plastic,Wood plastic floor adopts advanced composite materials of green environmental protection,Do not contain chemical harmful substances pollution-free environment can be recycled,Meet the performance stipulated in the national standard。Wood plastic floor with wood texture and...

    Plastic wood can generate foam by changing the design meet the requirements of plastic wood floor manufacturer2019-08-29

    The cement floor of floor is not used now,Some families like to use ceramic tile,Others think that rainy day get damp ceramic tile always big slide will be more inclined to wooden floor。Now the plastic wood floor in the home also is more popular。Think plastic wood plastic wood floor manufacturer...

    In building products materials as iron oxide yellow pigment or coloring2019-08-22

    With the development of The Times,Our demand for things is no longer just a single side have higher requirements。Iron oxide pigments in all kinds of fabrication and construction of concrete products material as pigments which coloring,Direct transfer into the cement in the application。Each...

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