• 01Classification of goodsSKU:30w+Specifications and varieties
    In industrial products category for the development direction,Supply28Broad categories
    300000Specifications and varieties of goods,Can satisfy the customers
    One-stop shopping needs,Can reduce the comprehensive cost of the customer。Check the power >>
  • 02Sunlight procurementCompliance The sun Efficient Convenient
    Response to the government's sunlight procurement plan,Unified price plain code marks a price in a region,Help customers reduce purchasing cost。I want to buy >>
  • 03Quality guaranteeOriginality process  Industry standard
    A lot of cooperation with the global professional manufacturer of industrial products,Held by industry quality standards;
    Through the perfect data with supplier selection system,To customer demand as own duty,Strictly selected goods;
    99%Goods offered directly by the manufacturer。Check the power >>
  • 04Intelligent storageAll information of intelligent management
    Storage area is super 50W+M2 Super storage spot amount 8Hundred million+;WMS/TMSAll information intelligent management Beijing、Tianjin、Hebei、Chongqing、Shaanxi、Henan、Shandong、In jiangxi province、Guizhou、Sichuan and other regions to set up the regional center and overseas area。Check the power >>
  • 05Overseas businessOverseas engineering solution mining for experts
    According to the characteristics of the overseas projects we provide comprehensive solutions。The business are based on the process,Relying on the group overseas division professional team,The engineering material safety、Efficient、Accurate、Fast delivered to customer on the site of the project all over the world。Check the power >>
  • 06Smart YunCangClouds gather intelligence Purchasing xin era
    Innovation change the world,Lead the development of science and technology。To improve the efficiency of project procurement,Xin Fang Sheng originality to build the intelligent unmanned capsule,Main project needs scattered material purchasing and zero difference delivery fast,Promote the development of the traditional engineering procurement to intelligent self-service purchasing。
    Create new intelligent unmanned capsule:Digital intelligent operations、Realize unmanned operation。Check the power >>
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